Week Numbers 2024

Week numbers 2024

Which week number a week has is determined by which date it is. In the United States the week always starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday

You can calculate which week number this week has by adding up the number of elapsed weeks or looking at a calendar. This is time consuming and that is why we offer an extensive overview for each year in which all week numbers of that year are shown and the start and end date of that week.

View all week numbers of the year 2024 in the table below. Each week in the overview below shows the start and end date of the week.

Calendar Weeks 2024Week StartWeek Ending
What is week 1 2024?1-jan-20246-jan-2024
What is week 2 2024?7-jan-202413-jan-2024
What is week 3 2024?14-jan-202420-jan-2024
What is week 4 2024?21-jan-202427-jan-2024
What is week 5 2024?28-jan-20243-feb-2024
What is week 6 2024?4-feb-202410-feb-2024
What is week 7 2024?11-feb-202417-feb-2024
What is week 8 2024?18-feb-202424-feb-2024
What is week 9 2024?25-feb-20242-mrt-2024
What is week 10 2024?3-mrt-20249-mrt-2024
What is week 11 2024?10-mrt-202416-mrt-2024
What is week 12 2024?17-mrt-202423-mrt-2024
What is week 13 2024?24-mrt-202430-mrt-2024
What is week 14 2024?31-mrt-20246-apr-2024
What is week 15 2024?7-apr-202413-apr-2024
What is week 16 2024?14-apr-202420-apr-2024
What is week 17 2024?21-apr-202427-apr-2024
What is week 18 2024?28-apr-20244-mei-2024
What is week 19 2024?5-mei-202411-mei-2024
What is week 20 2024?12-mei-202418-mei-2024
What is week 21 2024?19-mei-202425-mei-2024
What is week 22 2024?26-mei-20241-jun-2024
What is week 23 2024?2-jun-20248-jun-2024
What is week 24 2024?9-jun-202415-jun-2024
What is week 25 2024?16-jun-202422-jun-2024
What is week 26 2024?23-jun-202429-jun-2024
What is week 27 2024?30-jun-20246-jul-2024
What is week 28 2024?7-jul-202413-jul-2024
What is week 29 2024?14-jul-202420-jul-2024
What is week 30 2024?21-jul-202427-jul-2024
What is week 31 2024?28-jul-20243-aug-2024
What is week 32 2024?4-aug-202410-aug-2024
What is week 33 2024?11-aug-202417-aug-2024
What is week 34 2024?18-aug-202424-aug-2024
What is week35 2024?25-aug-202431-aug-2024
What is week 36 2024?1-sep-20247-sep-2024
What is week 37 2024?8-sep-202414-sep-2024
What is week 38 2024?15-sep-202421-sep-2024
What is week 39 2024?22-sep-202428-sep-2024
What is week 40 2024?29-sep-20245-okt-2024
What is week 41 2024?6-okt-202412-okt-2024
What is week 42 2024?13-okt-202419-okt-2024
What is week 43 2024?20-okt-202426-okt-2024
What is week 44 2024?27-okt-20242-nov-2024
What is week 45 2024?3-nov-20249-nov-2024
What is week 46 2024?10-nov-202416-nov-2024
What is week 47 2024?17-nov-202423-nov-2024
What is week 48 2024?24-nov-202430-nov-2024
What is week 49 2024?1-dec-20247-dec-2024
What is week 50 2024?8-dec-202414-dec-2024
What is week 51 2024?15-dec-202421-dec-2024
What is week 52 2024?22-dec-202428-dec-2024
What is week 53 2024?29-dec-20244-jan-2025

Calendar with week numbers 2024

The calendar consists of 12 months. Week numbers can also be used to indicate smaller periods. Often certain activities are planned for a certain week, but a specific date is not yet certain. Week numbers offer a handy solution here, because they can still be used to indicate when the activity is planned. The weeks are counted from the first week of the year. January therefore has week numbers 1 to 4.

What is a week number?

A week number is the sequential number assigned to each week in a calendar year. Not all countries use the same guidelines. In the United States the first day of the week falls on a Sunday. Other countries may follow the ISO 8601 guidelines, where the week starts on a Monday.

The week numbers of 2024

A week number on the calendar is there to make things clearer for us. For example, week number 1 starts on a Sunday with a weekday falling in January. To make it more convenient for yourself, you can check whether January 4 is also in that week, because the fourth of January will always fall within the first week number.

You can keep a close eye on how many weeks there are in a month, what the current week number is and many other useful things. Sometimes it also happens that a year is a leap year, then the year has 366 days instead of 365. So make sure that you can never get confused again by having all the week numbers neatly arranged for yourself. And because it has been put online for you in a handy tool, you will be able to check this wherever you are, without ever getting into trouble with all those different week numbers again.

What is the week number this week?

Week numbers are very important, especially if you have a calendar to keep. It is therefore very nice to keep everything very clear. There are 52 weeks in a year and it can be quite difficult to keep track of which week we are currently in. That is why a calendar is very useful for this. In this digital age it is therefore very nice to have the number of weeks of the year handy and clear on the internet. That is why good tools have been made to keep track of the correct week number, and it is also possible to use an annual calendar with week numbers. You just look at your online calendar and you are immediately informed. This way you can keep an eye on birthdays, appointments and more all a lot easier.